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About Math e Mind

Abacus is an antique tool for develop arithmetic skills. The main objective of the Math e Mind is to enhance the brain power upgrading the brain skills of the children of age group 5 to 13 years . We have Taken maths as a medium through which we develop child's Brain and make him calculator free for the rest of his/her life

The abacus makes learning easier faster and stress free with a special focus & concentration. Childern learn numbers and identify or imagine them and do calculations using Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Benefits of learning Abacus

  • Greater concentration
  • Improves Listening Skills
  • Improves Analytical Skills
  • Better Creative and imaginative skills
  • Sharpens Memory
  • Self-Confidence
  • Better ways of expression
  • Improves Photographic Memory

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What Parents Say
  • Nevertheless, learning abacus is such a fun, I tell you. It's the best mental exercise which not only affected my performance in a particular subject rather turned out to be a gamut.I feel extremely fortunate for having an opportunity to learn abacus from such an esteemed institution.

    Shashank Mittal Student (Class IX)
  • Abacus has made my child fall in over with numbers. All the time she insists family members to ask her oral maths problems. I would give credit to Aayushi maam for creating this interest for numbers in my child . My daughter loves to go to her class as feels comfortable with her teaching style- friendly yet very focused and committed.

    Fall in love. My child has become confident with numbers

    Mamta Talwar ( (Arshia's Mom) )
  • Abacus is a great tool to sharpen your mind .. I learnt abacus years ago and still continue to use it in my day to day calculations. It increases your speed with calculations and improves accuracy. Math-e-mind is the most awesome training centre. They combine fun with maths to make abacus even more interesting!

    Manasvi Sharma Student(M.Eco) Alumni of Abacus
  • Learning abacus is not anyone's rule of thumb but it's possible with one's diligence. Seeking skills of abacus from Ayushi ma'am was indeed commendable. Not just her methods but the way she make things understandable is truly appreciable. I was in forth standard when I started doing it and now being a commerce student, doing calculations is cup of my tea.

    It's just not about the knowledge but the ambience provided here was unseen. The way she engross herself with students establishes a healthy relation between a student and a teacher and maintaining her control at the same time is the best part of being here. Learning here polished my skills in other fields too. Abacus is just not maths, it's more than exultation .

    Pragya Mittal Commerce Student(xii) Abacus Alumni