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Benefits of Abacus Training

Mathematics is exercise of the brain. The very first thing that inculcates with the start of an abacus based program is development of calculating skills and speed. Kids who use abacus become proficient problem solvers. Only 10 - 20 minutes of everyday practice can help the child perform complex calculations within seconds. Math e Mind being the best abacus training program opens the mind and expands the brain’s capacity.

Mathematics builds the ability of lateral thinking.Abacus training includes hand eye co-ordination, which stimulates the right side of the brain. Multi tasking is not difficult for such kids. Your child will perform equally well in sports or origami or music also if he is good with the abacus. They develop the capability of thinking out of the box, ultimately making them more creative!

Abacus training builds a positive attitude towards Math. By the time kids reach middle school, most of them start getting this feel that math isn’t their cup of tea. Then begins the downfall. It is really important to keep them up with positivity and confidence and abacus training surely helps here. They learn the power of endurance. Religiously practicing everyday on the abacus teaches patience and helps them get a better tomorrow.

Every time a child solves a problem mentally, he is in deep concentration. Each problem makes the child more focused, sharp and strong. They start visualizing the movement of beads in the mind itself and at this stage they do not use the abacus manually. With great concentrating capabilities they ultimately start applying logic in their everyday lives also.

Abacus learners have excellent auditory skills and a photographic memory.They listen to numbers, visualize the abacus in their mind and solve the problem. The repetition of this method builds a strong memorizing capability within the child.