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1. What is "abacus"?
Abacus is the oldest computer surviving more than 2,000 years. Until now, abacus remains a favorite math tool in the digital age. The unplugged (non-electrical) bead-based calculator is prosperous as a complement of modern computer and is now widely recognized as a mean for effective math learning and mental development in early childhood.

2. What is "abacus math"?
The "abacus math" is an arithmetic method based on the principles of abacus calculation.

3. What is "abacus mental math"?
After one is working on an abacus for a while, a virtual picture of the abacus is formed in mind. One can use the ?virtual abacus? to perform calculations. It is not unusual for a person to handle a series of 5 or more digits numbers in +, -, x, or / operations at highly accelerated speed using the abacus mental math method.

4.I have an abacus that has 2 beads on the top and 5 beads at the bottom. Can my kid use that for the class?
No, a 2-5 abacus should not be used in the class. IQ Abacus Math School adopts the modernized version of the abacus, i.e., the 1-4 abacus, for the abacus math program. It is important for students to formulate clear abacus images with one bead on the top and four beads at the bottom to perform fast yet accurate mental math calculations.

5.While using Abacus, does it matter if my child is left handed?
No, it does not. Abacus learning is not dependent on this.